Implementation of this project is supported by the following community members participating in teams as the Mindful Margaret River Taskforce

Team 1

Mental Wellbeing and Self-Care

Aim: Individuals, families and vulnerable groups are well equipped to sustain their mental health and wellbeing

  • Di Ritson – (Team Leader) Community member and Lishman Health Foundation
  • Mary-Jo Duffy – Local Psychologist
  • Andrew Host – Margaret River Senior High School
  • Chloe Drysdale – Community member and children’s educator
  • Heidi O’Brien – Registered nurse
  • Karen Majer – Transition Margaret River
  • Rebecca Banks – Manager at 4 Families
  • Shelley O’Brien – St John of God, South West Community Alcohol and Drug Service
  • Suzanne Hicks – Clinical Psychologist (retired)
  • Torsten Henschel – Transition Margaret River

Team 2

Mental Health Services and Supports

Aim: To ensure a comprehensive range of appropriate mental health services and supports is available in the Shire

  • Lydell Huntley (Team Leader) – Margaret River Community Centre
  • Andrew Hemsley – Community member and leader of Men of the Capes, Mankind Project
  • Cath Polley – Mental Health Commission
  • Colin Fox – Founder community group Suicide Prevention Margaret River
  • Debbie Easther – WACHS
  • Debbie George – Community member and Psychotherapist with South West Counselling
  • Gianna Cavalli – Community member and GP Down South
  • James Shepherd – AMR Shire
  • Jasmin Brown – WAPHA
  • Kellie Gray – School psychologist
  • Susan Stern – Community member

Team 3

Access To Mental Health Services

Aim: Individuals, families and vulnerable groups are clear about where to turn, how and when to seek help on issues affecting mental health.

  • Erin Statz (Team Leader) – Dept of Communities
  • Benjamin Robinson – Crossfit Margaret River
  • Emma Pollard – Forrest Personnel
  • Katie Gray – Justhome Advocacy Officer
  • Kendra Grace – St John of God, South West Community Alcohol and Drug Service
  • Maureen Jubb-Shanely – Headspace
  • Dr Mike Wood – Community member
  • Miriam Avery – Scott River Open the Gate
  • Peter Griffyn – Margaret River Rotary Directory
  • Stacey Hutt – AMR Shire
  • Wayne Doney – Community member and Bushfire volunteer
  • Yen Hawkes – Intercultural Action Group Margaret River

Team 4

Mental Health Collaboration

Aim: Mental health service providers and supporters collaborate more fully

  • Dr Peter Durey (Team Leader) – Retired local GP
  • Brian Middleton – Rotary Margaret River
  • Charity Coffman – Community member and local domestic violence community group
  • Christina Mann – St John of God, South West Community Alcohol and Drug Service
  • Elizabeth – Community member and local aged care worker
  • Jan De Groot – GP Down South
  • Lorrae Loud – Lamp Inc
  •  Marina Johns – WAPHA
  • Monica McGrath – Senior occupational therapist
  • Libby Kustka – Youth mental health first aid instructor
  • Robyn Gibson – Community member and a Program Manager Public Health
  • Simone Brand – Community member and psychology student
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