Who we are and what we do

Our mission is to foster a resilient and connected community by building social capital around mental health. We believe that strong social networks, trust, and collaboration are essential for well-being. Through education, advocacy, and support, we aim to empower individuals, families, and communities to create a web of support that promotes mental health, reduces stigma, and ensures that no one faces mental health challenges alone. 

Mindful Margaret River is a not-for-profit association of volunteers, mental health professionals, government agencies, and community members working together to promote good mental health and well-being in Augusta Margaret River.

How we do it 

Advocacy and Education: Our educational initiatives aim to reduce stigma by providing accurate information about mental health conditions, coping strategies, and available resources. 

Community Engagement: By organizing workshops, seminars, and events, we create spaces for dialogue, support, and connection. 

Social and Relationship Capacity Building: Our role involves connecting individuals, families, and communities to build a supportive environment. 

Resource Coordination: Our organisation helps streamline access to resources, ensuring people receive timely support. 

Empowerment and Resilience: Through peer support, skill-building, and resilience-building programs, we promote self-advocacy. 

Advancing Policy and Systems Change: Advocacy efforts focus on policy changes, funding allocation, and equitable access to care.

What we have achieved in 2023

Workshops and Training Programs

  • Hosted two Circle Green workshops, Active bystander in the workplace training
  • Workshop for Shire staff and pre-emptive mental health care.
  • Workshop for primary school parents on supporting their kids to transition to high school
  • The delivery of 4 accredited training programs in Margaret River for community members for over 80 people increasing local human capacity to support people with mental health crisis.
  • The delivery of facilitated mental wellbeing discussions in three local workplaces for over 65 community members on when and how to seek mental health support and how to help others (colleagues, family, friends) if they are struggling.
  • Training of Shire peer support staff
  • Local support workshop for Shire Rangers Services
  • Supported Gate Keeper in Margaret River 2023
  • Supported the Suicide Bereavement Forum in Busselton in 2023
  • Hosted a Preventing Eating Disorders in Young People workshop with over 70 community attendees.

Community Based Conversations

  • We maintain and build an evidence-based website, that provides accurate local connection and support for our community
  • Development of collaborative network of local schools, youth support services, community groups, mental health services to promote and support youth focused programs, peer support, outreach and events in the Shire of AMR.
  • Ongoing collaboration with Margaret River Mail to de-stigmatise and humanise mental health issues through regular column with our volunteers as contributors. Over 43 articles (800 words) to date published in the local paper as well as being picked up by the Dunsborough, Busselton, Bunbury news syndicates.  The Mail’s editor has reported our articles attract between 1000-3000 readers per post and have become a much loved and sought-after segment in the local paper.
  • Supported and linked Flow State to Healthways to facilitate a mental health conversation as part of the MR Pro.

Men and Isolated Communities

  • Supported the establishment of Margaret River’s first Men’s Table.
  • Supported the start up of a new men’s walking group, Self Seen.
  • Delivery of health and wellbeing program through the peer support and conversations called ‘Listen Up Blokes’ aimed at men that connect through the Men’s sheds, Rotary club, Lions Clubs and other local community-based men’s groups.
  • The delivery of a ‘Blokes Nights’ in Margaret River in 2023 which involved over 60 local men in mental wellbeing discussions in a community setting ranging age from 20s-70s.
  • Facilitated conversations with the Men’s Shed, Rotary Club and MR works depot for tool box talks and links to local support
  • Information provision to Rangers Services in dealing with homeless or isolated community members living rough in our Shire


  • Participation by our volunteers in the Margaret River Senior High School Big 10 Day – December 2023 (800 students participating).
  • Workshops for parents of teens in collaboration with the Margaret River High School
  • Workshop for parents of primary aged school children transitioning to high school
  • Development of collaborative network of local schools, youth support services, community groups, mental health services to promote and support youth focused programs, peer support, outreach and events in the Shire of AMR.
  • safeTALK training to all staff at the Margaret River Montessori school.