Community Taskforce

Implementation of this project is supported by community members participating in teams as the Mindful Margaret River Taskforce.

MMR is only possible due to a wonderful team of local volunteers. These volunteers guide, support and develop the work of MMR through their expertise and local knowledge. 

The volunteers work in teams to deliver local action and are supported by the Project Implementation Officer who is co-located at the Shire of Augusta Margaret River.

Prospective members kit 2022

Our focus at this time is:

  1. Promote general wellbeing messages and information to the community.
  2. Respond to community requests for awareness raising activities.
  3. Build community capacity for wellbeing and mental health through training.
  4. Support sporting clubs to incorporate mental health, alcohol and other drug messaging.
  5. Build strong relationships with youth service providers, particularly with the high school to increase opportunities for youth connectedness and support.
  6. Support the Eco Health pilot program at the High School.
  7. Support the wellbeing and mental health of isolated community members – focus on rural men, men’s groups, men’s early intervention connections.
  8. Support and resources for family and domestic violence local initiatives and advocacy.
  9. Support women’s mental health through proactively supporting women’s wellbeing literacy.

Our community Taskforce includes a wide range of local people from teachers, to parents, grandparents, social service providers, counsellors and psychologists.

Teams meet to progress actions on priority areas with the help and support from the Professional Liaison Team.  For more information on the individual teams, contact Erin Statz on 0448 760 737.