Mindful Margaret River Membership

A Mindful Margaret River membership is one way to support community resilience and wellbeing within the Shire of Augusta Margaret River.  Membership offers new opportunities for networking, training, sharing information as well as giving and receiving support to those that work with community and individuals.  Please note, we do not provide clinical services.

By joining Mindful Margaret River, you can help strengthen the voice of our community to advocate for better, more cohesive services, collaboration and investment in early intervention and good wellbeing for all community members at all stages of life.

Membership Benefits include:

  • Becoming part of one of the nine working teams within the community,
  • Access to free or low cost mental health training,
  • Connection to likeminded community members and services,
  • Regional representation at Local, State and Federal Government levels.
  • The chance to make a difference in your local community with the support of a network of skilled volunteers

Membership is by expression of interest (EOI). We are currently recruiting for specific roles:

  • Administrative support for our Board meetings
  • Events support for set up and pack down
  • Newsletter for editing, layout and set up.

If you are interested in joining a particular Taskforce team, we can discuss this with you directly.

Prior to completing your EOI, please review the Prospective Members Kit which will help sort out how well our mutual interests match.  It also explains what will be expected of you if you join the Taskforce.

Once we receive your expression of interest, a member of the executive will arrange to meet you and brief you further on MMR so you can decide if you wish to proceed. 

Should you do so, your application will be considered at the next meeting of the MMR Executive and you will be advised of the outcome.

Membership for the 2021-2022 financial year is free.

Expression of Interest

What attracts you to Mindful Margaret River?

Please provide a short summary of your skills which you see as useful to Mindful Margaret River.

We need volunteers with a range of skills including administrative skills, communications, fundraising, media, logistics, events, and interpersonal skills. Most importantly, we are looking for people who are passionate about their local community and are able to give time and thought to building social and emotional capital. So tell us about yourself.