What can you do?

If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, or having difficulty coping your first step is to contact your local GP for an appointment to talk things over.

All GPs have mental health training and are the health professional people see most often.

When book to see your GP, let the reception know that you want to book a double appointment. It will give you a more time to talk about what’s going on, and what might be the best treatment options for you.

Depending on your situation your GP may refer you to a psychologist, psychiatrist, counsellor, or other mental health practitioner. You can ask for a Mental Health Treatment Plan, which gives you access to subsidised or low-cost care.

What is a Mental Health Treatment Plan?

Different types of mental health professionals work in the Augusta Margaret River Shire.  In the next pages you will find a list of free and low cost mental health providers in our community.  Not all of them need a referral from your GP. What is important is that you take steps today to make an appointment. Talking and connecting is the first step to taking care of your wellbeing.